Thursday, 13 March 2008

May God Watch Over You and Your Family

I pray today not only for you but also for your relatives and loved ones. I pray for your extended family that the love of God will keep and bind you together. Whatever misunderstandings may be in the family, I pray that God will bring His peace to abide in the family. I pray that if you have children that God will watch over them and keep them safe and if you have brothers or sisters that God's grace will abound towards them. I pray that there will be no loss of life in your family. I pray that you and your family will always be at the right place at the right time. My prayer is that wherever you go, your steps will be ordered of the Lord. I pray that God will keep and protect your entire family from evil. If there is any sick person amongst your family I pray that the healing hand of God will reach out and touch the one who is sick. I pray that whoever you are God will surround you and your family with His love. May His favour surround you forever and may His peace continually be your guide today and always. Keep the peace of God in your heart and it shall be well with you. Amen. (Written by Ladé, 2008 © All rights reserved.)

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michellex said...

i jst said that prayer there now lol its good thanxs fer posting it :D:D:D:)=)